Monday, September 1, 2014

American soil

In just a few hours I'll be on a ship for Spain. These are my last hours on American soil. 

All yesterday I was thinking really hard about what these weeks mean to me. What I'm trying to find. What my motive is, I guess. And after conversations with my mom she was able to put my thoughts into words. I want to discover what makes people do things... How they seem to thrive in all corners of the world... How they bring meaning into their lives... If and how they are really happy and fulfilled. 

On American soil we can be whoever we want and live the American Dream... Well, maybe if you have a 4.0 gpa become a CEO and never see your family or you can go another route and become a famous actor that parties every night or a super model with self image issues and a deadly disorder.  I want to prove that there are other ways to make it in this world and truly be happy and to do this we have to take a risk. 

In no way do I want to create controversy, but maybe just an interesting conversation at the dinner table tonight. 

Here's a challenge for you all today.
Do something that makes you truly happy whether it be sitting outside reading a book or going on a hike or even taking a nap. 

I want to see you being happy! Take a picture of you in your happy place, tag me and hashtag #18andabout on Instagram or Twitter. Or send me a comment telling me what you're doing. 

We need to indulge in our little pleasures every so often. 

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend. 


  1. Will post a pic, bit can't do it here. You'll have to see it on FB. ;-)

  2. Have fun. Be safe. Don't trust strangers too too too much. You're going to have an awesome time. <3 <3